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50th Birthday Party


In the heart of Ibiza at the waterfront Villa Sa Calma, a grand 50th birthday unfolded. Beginning with an exclusive wine tasting, the evening’s all-white theme was accentuated by rustic pampas grass and white ruins, creating an ambiance of both serenity and vibrant energy. Tables, elegantly draped in white and adorned with gold crockery, showcased intricate detailing and were accentuated by natural stone centerpieces, elegant pillar candles, and a crystal table runner. Above, chandeliers festooned with white flowers provided a radiant glow. A Michelin-starred Greek chef, flown in for the occasion, curated an unforgettable traditional Greek dinner amidst

As evening fell at Villa Sa Calma, guests were ushered in by a captivating Greek dance with twirling napkins. The villa soon transformed into a disco haven with shimmering disco balls, lights, and a mirrored DJ booth adorned with a neon sign. Ibiza-born Manu Gonzalez, renowned for his fusion of Balearic beats and global sounds, kept the energy soaring. A highlight was the unveiling of the birthday cake, a multi-tiered art deco-inspired masterpiece, mirroring the white-themed elegance of the party and providing a visual spectacle for all.

Ibiza 50th Birthday Set Up
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The Party