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Meet The Team



Hello, I am Robyn Isherwood, the founder and CEO of Encore Lifestyle, and I possess an innate talent for bringing dreams to life. With a career spanning over 15 years, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of luxury events and experiences.

My journey began in London's elite events industry, where I trained and honed my skills at prestigious firms such as The Admirable Crichton, GSP & Lillingston. These early experiences paved the way for me to create exceptional events in iconic destinations worldwide, from the glamorous streets of St Tropez to the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany and Hong Kong's bustling metropolis.

My role as the Head of Luxury Events and subsequent appointment as the Director of Lifestyle by Lillingston allowed me to grasp the essence of what my clients truly desire. In 2019, I embarked on a new adventure by launching RJI Consultancy, where I expanded my repertoire to include consultancy projects, private events, and bespoke lifestyle concierge services.

When the world faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, my creativity knew no bounds and I conceived the UK's first socially distanced festival Gisburne Park Pop Up, which garnered global acclaim. This monumental success paved the way for another triumphant event, The Estate festival, just before the world reopened in 2021.

With the world beckoning once more, I proudly introduced Encore Lifestyle, a manifestation of my unwavering dedication to crafting unforgettable, luxurious experiences. My career has been a passionate pursuit of creating moments of sheer opulence, and Encore Lifestyle is where my artistic vision thrives, offering a world of unparalleled memories.


I very much look forward to collaborating with you and creating exceptional experiences tailored to your unique story.

With love Robyn x


Meet Vasia Chani, our vibrant Greek firecracker who is igniting the events, travel, and concierge industry with her unparalleled dedication and extraordinary talents. 

With an unyielding work ethic and a natural flair for excellence, Vasia stands as one of the most hardworking and gifted individuals in her field. Every challenge is met with unwavering determination, leaving no request unfulfilled.


Her Greek heritage infuses a unique charm into everything she does, adding a touch of Mediterranean passion and elegance to each endeavor. When it comes to orchestrating unforgettable experiences and delivering impeccable service, Vasia Chani is the name that shines brightly, embodying the essence of hard work, talent, and the indomitable spirit of Greece.


Meet Ema Lapinskaite, a dynamic and innovative individual hailing from Lithuania, who brings a breath of fresh air to the team at Encore Lifestyle.  

Ema's vibrant energy and social media savviness inject new life into our approach to lifestyle management. With her keen eye for detail and a natural flair for organisation, she plays a pivotal role in supporting our diverse range of events, curated travel expeditions, and personalized concierge services.


Ema's dedication goes beyond her role in event coordination; she also keeps the office running seamlessly, ensuring that every aspect of our operations is finely tuned. Her passion for creating memorable experiences, coupled with her strong work ethic, makes Ema a valuable asset to the Encore Lifestyle family.

At Encore, we pride ourselves on our exceptional team, which is comprised of a global network of specialist event and travel experts. Combined with our Encore core team, this expansive and diverse team allows us to seamlessly scale our services to meet the unique demands of any event, anywhere in the world. 

Our global team bring a wealth of experience and expertise in various aspects of events, travel and concierge, ensuring that every client request is executed with the highest level of professionalism and creativity. 

Whether it's a small, intimate travel itinerary or a large-scale international event, our team is equipped to deliver an unparalleled Encore experience.

Join Encore

If you have a passion for event production and a drive to create unforgettable experiences, we want to hear from you! Join our dynamic team and be a part of our global network of event production specialists.


To explore opportunities and become a part of our creative journey, please reach out to us via email. We look forward to discovering how your talents and enthusiasm can contribute to the extraordinary events we create

Encore Lifestyle


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