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Japan Trip

Where in the world? Niseko, Japan

Reviving Luxury: Encore Lifestyle's Journey to Help Reopen the Seven-Star Chalet, Seasons, in Japan

In the heart of Niseko, amidst the snow-covered peaks and the promise of renewal, a tale of extraordinary dedication and revival unfolds. After a three-year hiatus enforced by the unwelcome intrusion of a global pandemic, Encore Lifestyle embarked on a remarkable journey to breathe life back into the opulent haven known as Seasons. The endeavor was nothing short of a labor of love, and as the founder of Encore Lifestyle, I am excited to share the story of how our team's tireless efforts led to the triumphant resurrection of this seven-star luxury chalet.

A Sanctuary Reimagined: The Iconic Seasons Chalet

Picture, if you will, a chalet poised against a backdrop of pristine, snow-dusted mountains – a vision that embodies elegance, comfort, and sophistication. This was the essence of the Seasons Chalet, a sanctuary that stood dormant for three years, waiting for the world to heal. As the team and I stepped into its embrace, it was evident that the chalet had not lost an ounce of its allure. The architecture was a testament to refined design, fusing seamlessly with the natural beauty of Niseko. The interior beckoned with the promise of warmth and indulgence, offering en-suite king bedrooms, a family bunk room, and a single bed suite – spaces that exuded both luxury and practicality. The amenities were nothing short of breathtaking, from the indoor heated pool and European sauna to the eight-seat luxury cinema with Dolby surround sound. Every detail, from the plush library-office to the bar stocked with a draught beer tap, was orchestrated to create an experience that surpassed imagination.

Preparation and Reinvention: A Behind-the-Scenes Journey

The journey to relaunch Seasons was not limited to its physical resurrection. In preparation for our trip to Japan, we worked tirelessly to ensure that every facet of the experience was orchestrated to perfection. Our efforts extended to designing bespoke staff uniforms that embodied the essence of Seasons' luxury. We collaborated closely with the staff in Japan to ensure they were equipped with everything they needed to deliver impeccable service, from refined manners to the right tools. As we approached the momentous New Year's celebration, we spared no effort in decking out the chalet with wigs, costumes, and decorations that captured the spirit of the occasion. With 20 suitcases filled with house essentials, staff uniforms, and party props, our team embarked on a 24-hour journey to Tokyo and then onwards to Sapporo.

Endurance and Triumph: A Journey of Rediscovery

Our journey was not without its challenges – from customs checks that had every bag scrutinized to missing connecting flights, each hurdle seemed like a testament to the resilience that encapsulated our mission. But as we drove through snow storms to the mountains, determination overshadowed exhaustion. Niseko welcomed us with open arms, and the chalet stood before us, ready to be reawakened. The house, which had been dormant for years, came alive with the hustle and bustle of preparation. We documented every facet, from staff training to uniform fittings, capturing moments that would become memories of triumph. We filmed tirelessly for two days, from sunrise to sunset, ensuring that every corner of the chalet was showcased in its resplendent glory. Amidst the hard work, we discovered the charm of Niseko's winter wonderland, forging bonds and memories that would forever unite our team.

As our journey came to an end, and the chalet's doors swung open once more, we stood amidst a celebration that marked not just a relaunch, but a triumphant reclamation of luxury and beauty. The story of Seasons' revival is one that encapsulates passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence – a testament to the power of the human spirit to conquer adversity and emerge stronger than ever before. If you wish to catch a glimpse of the magic behind the scenes, don't forget to explore our Instagram for a visual journey that mirrors the heart and soul we poured into this endeavor.


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